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About The 101: Fund

About The 101: Fund

For over 50 years, The 101: Fund has been providing need-based college scholarships to Princeton High School (PHS) graduates. Founded by a school secretary in 1970, the fund was originally known as the Princeton Regional Scholarship Foundation; in 2008, the current logo and name were adopted. Powered by volunteers, the 101: Fund has provided in excess of $1 million in aid to PHS seniors over the last five decades. 

The greater Princeton community values higher education, but for many students–especially the 10% of the PHS student body that qualifies for the free- or reduced-price lunch program–college can be prohibitively expensive. 101: Fund scholarship recipients attend two- and four-year institutions such as Mercer County Community College (MCCC), Rutgers University, Boston University, Colgate University, Cornell University—just to name a few of the schools that recent graduates have chosen. 


During the 2020-21 school year the 101: Fund spent $122,762 supporting 67 students entering their first, second, third or fourth years of college, including 12 students attending MCCC. Many recipients are the first in their families to pursue a college degree. 


The 101:  Fund’s executive board raises money year-round through an annual appeal, grant-writing, community fundraisers, and collaborations with PHS students such as the 101: Student Auxiliary Talent Show. 

Board of Trustees

President: Jennifer Jang

Vice President: Alejandra Davis

Treasurers: Carrie Elwood, Susan Kanter, Karen Reid



Jim Beslity

Leslie Fabello
Elizabeth Hamblet
Beth Heaney
James Herring
Alice Kim
Anthony Klockenbrink
Kathleen Kraft
Jeff Lucker
Cheryl McCormick
Nipurna Shah
Christina Walden

Ex-Officio: Frank Chmiel

Past Presidents: Carol Golden, Elizabeth Hamblet, Riva Levy, Pat Pannell, Sandy Tait

In Memoriam:

Fran Allison
Mimi Ballard
Florence Burke
Eva Collins