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Scholarship Info

Scholarship Terms

Scholarship Terms

How do I accept my scholarship?

  • You must formally accept your scholarship by logging into the portal and signing the required document(s) by July 1.

  • The Amount Awarded is the total award with payments to be evenly divided over your two or four years at school.

Payments go directly to your school

  • The 101: Fund sends scholarship payments directly to you school at the address you provide below. 

  • The 101: Fund helps cover the gap that financial aid and other sources do not fund. If you receive more financial aid from your school in later years, the 101: Fund will adjust the amount sent to your school based on the remaining gap. 


  • Students attending 4-year colleges must renew their scholarships every year by June 15.

  • Students attending Mercer County Community College must renew their scholarships for each term that they are attending MCCC.

  • You will be sent the renewal form from this system.

  • You will need to upload your most recent transcript (does not need to be an official transcript)

  • Complete a new FAFSA and submit a copy of your student aid report or financial aid letter with your renewal.

  • If you submit your renewal late, payment to your school may be delayed.

  • Failure to renew your scholarship for four consecutive semesters will result in the closing of your scholarship.

Maintain Scholarship Eligibility

  • All students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. Failure to maintain this GPA may jeopardize your scholarship.

Requirements for Mercer County Community College (MCCC) Students

  • Take course placement tests before the fall

  • Register for at least one course for the fall semester

  • Meet with your 101 mentor; mentor assignments will be made over the summer.

  • Once school begins, meet with your MCCC Success Coach.

  • MCCC students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to maintain their scholarship.


What happens if I drop or withdraw from a class after the add/drop deadline? The cost of the dropped class will come out of your scholarship.

What if I don’t use up all of my scholarship money at MCCC? If you complete a degree at MCCC without spending all of your 101: Fund scholarship money, you may use the remainder of your scholarship at a 4-year institution (within the 6-year timeframe).

What if I want to go to summer school? You may apply for 101 funds for a summer school class, but this may use up your 101: scholarship faster, since your other financial aid is unlikely to cover any part of it. Email us at to let us know that you are planning to take a summer class.

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